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How To Become A Scientist – बैज्ञानिक कैसे बने?

How To Become A Scientist – बैज्ञानिक कैसे बने

Become a Scientist

Scientists examine how the universe, or certain parts of it, interlock. Scientists formulate hypotheses based on previous observations and then test these hypotheses with additional observations and experiments. The results they achieve with this can then be used to confirm or debar the hypotheses. Scientists often work at a university, for the government, or for a commercial organization. If you want to become a scientist, you have one long but satisfying and exciting ride ahead of you.


Follow The Necessary Preparatory Courses In High School

At secondary school, and later when you get your bachelor, you have to follow courses that sharpen your analytical and critical thinking skills – you need these if you want to become a scientist later on. This way you can already get a head start for later.

You have to specialize in mathematics. Scientists in the exact sciences often use mathematics, especially algebra, calculus and analytical geometry; mathematics is less applied in biological sciences. Every scientist must also be able to handle statistics.

Consider taking a science camp during the high school period. Here you will be able to work on more intensive projects than at school.

how to become a scientist in india


Start In High School At The Base

Although you will later specialize in a specific discipline, you need to gain a basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics for the time being. In this way, you will be initiated into the wonderful world of every science, and you will also learn the scientific methodology – so you will learn to observe, to put hypotheses and to experiment. You can also choose elective courses that interest you, or discover new areas of interest to help you define your specialisms. In a few years, you will be able to focus on a more specific branch of science.

To read old scientific essays that are not (yet) translated into Dutch or English, it is no problem to add one or two foreign languages to your package. The most useful languages for learning are English, including French, German and Russian.

Choose The Main Subject That Intrigues You

If you have looked around a little, and you are familiar with the direction that this career could send you, then you can choose a more specific branch of science to study. Planetary? Medical? Psychological? Agricultural? Genealogy? Clinically genetic?

If you want to, or if your educational institute cannot offer the courses you want to study, you can also choose your specialization later (if you go for your master’s program). A more general course of study, such as physics, is of course also excellent.

Walk Internship At The University

It is best to make connections as quickly as possible and roll up your sleeves. Ask one of your teachers if an internship is available somewhere – if your team publishes an essay, your name can even be linked to it.

This way you will gain 100% certified laboratory experience. You can be of service later during the master’s program, and you will certainly not be happy if you are looking for a more serious job later on. It shows that you have taken your studies seriously and that you know what is expected of you.

Sharpen Your Writing Skills

As a scientist, you will also have to be able to write well. This is important to obtain scholarships for your research, but also if you want to publish your results in scientific journals. English lessons in high school and technical writing subjects in higher education can help you to improve your skills.

Read scientific journals, and keep yourself informed of the developments in your field. When the time is right you will also appear in those magazines. Pay attention to how the essays in the professional journals work together in terms of structure so that you can learn how to write a good paper yourself.

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